Love Transcends Death…


Nana & Daddy Cruise

One of the greatest gifts I received in my journey through grief was the ability to connect to Sergio through spiritual mediums. I know for sure that had I never had the opportunity, I would not have been able to cope- there were just too many questions that only Sergio could answer, especially when his death was so sudden and his remains were never recovered. The most pressing-

“Did he suffer?”

“Was he still with me?” and

“How will I go on without him?”

My first connection came through Elaine Ferretti, an astrologer and tarot reader who was recommended to me by a close friend. I wrote an article in 2003 about my experience with her that I am sharing with you. While I know that many people dismiss channeling and the notion that we can connect with our loved ones after death, my numerous experiences have made me a bona fide believer. In my search for comfort and understanding I had readings with several different spiritual mediums, including James Van Praagh (on The Beyond Show) and Rosemary Altea (author of The Eagle and the Rose). While I am grateful for all of the readings, I felt the most connection to Sergio through Elaine…

Click here for article: Love Transcends Death

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