My Favorite Serial Killer. Ever.

OMG Dexter!!!

OMG Dexter!!!

Ray and I are huge fans of Dexter- huge. We watched a marathon of the first two seasons and were hooked. When I had to fly to Los Angeles to help promote Rebirth with Showtime for the TV Critics Association, I was told that we would basically just sit in a room at The Beverly Hilton and a bunch of reporters would ask us questions about the film- I had no idea that there would be stars of Showtime there. Tim Brown got wind that there would be a party the night before and we were invited. At first I declined, saying I didn’t want to leave the girls for too long. But then I heard Michael C. Hall, aka Dexter would be there. And I figured the girls wouldn’t remember if I left them for a few hours more. So I high-tailed it to LA, treated myself to a pre-party make-over, and Matthew Mitchell, Frank Marchesini (who happened to go to high school with Sergio), and the PR team at Showtime made this giddy fan’s dream come true by not only introducing me to him, but also hooking me up with the coolest Dexter and Showtime swag. I love those guys.

But back to Michael C. Hall. I sooo wanted to play it cool and calmly tell him how big a fan I was of his, how I loved his work in Six Feet Under,  and what an amazing talent I thought he was. But instead, this crazy, sleep-deprived widow-wife-mother blurted out

“I just want to say I think you are absolutely brilliant- I have so much compassion for you as a serial killer!”

And he was so gracious, and then the PR person told him I was in this September 11th documentary and wah wah, wah wah wah wah, cause I totally zoned out in my star-struck daze– and then I practically screamed

“I cried for you! And now you’re going to cry for me!”

And I laughed at my whacky-ass comment while he looked at me like I was a bonafide freak, and when I settled back down we had a little small talk– he asked me how I met Ray, and I asked him how he was after his cancer bout (thankfully all clear), and then he took this cool picture with me and I thanked him and we wished each other well. I’m sure he walked away thinking to himself

She probably could have used a little shot of my tranquilizer…


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