Remembering Guinness

When my mom and I first caught sight of him in a kennel buried under a pile of chihuahua puppies, we had no idea of the gift he was, all wrapped up in black and tan fur. When the nurse at the vet’s office suggested we name him “Guinness” to go with his coloring, we knew it was the perfect name for our perfect new addition to our family. It was amazing to feel our hearts, which were tightly bound by the grief of losing my Dad and Sergio, burst through the coils of fear to open up to loving again, just by the sight of his little fuzzy face.

Guinness was the cutest pup, and it was so very easy to love him. Waking up every day with the excitement for the joy he would bring as we trained and watched him grow was incredibly healing for us. He was so good with all of the kids of our family, young and old, and when I was given the gift of new love with Ray and the girls, he welcomed them with fun, games, and loving kisses. He could carry three balls at a time, toss them back and forth, “talk” to us when he wanted to eat or go out, and he even allowed the girls to dress him like a princess- he was awesome in every way.

Letting Guinness go this past week was one of the most difficult decisions we’ve ever had to make. Even with the painful and unspoken truth that we were going to likely outlive him, we risked loving again, and we will endure the pain of losing him because every moment we had with with our beloved pup-a-lup was worth it.  While we will always yearn for one more belly rub, one more bark, one more lap pin-down, and one more doggy kiss, we will always be grateful for the nine and half years of unconditional love, devotion, and loyalty he brought to our family…

May he rest in heavenly peace, on the laps all of our angels…


August 8, 2004 – February 18, 2014

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