Spend This Day Well…

It’s hard for me to not get sucked into a vortex of grief when news of tragedy comes my way. In my Facebook newsfeed this morning I read that a  young widow and mother of six young children lost her battle to small cell cervical cancer yesterday, ten months after the passing of her fiancé. I pray for this family and keep faith that the children will always be well-loved and taken care of. As I question why life has to be so damn painful sometimes, I remind myself that we are all given the gift of every moment and to not take a second of it for granted. In spite of a heavy heart, I am so very grateful for my life and everyone in it. I love this beautiful video by Louis Schwartzerg and narrated by Brother David Steindl-Rast, as it so eloquently expresses all there is to be grateful for.

For Valarie and Lee, and for all who no longer have the privilege of living on this beautiful earth, I will spend this day well. May they rest in heavenly peace…


2 thoughts on “Spend This Day Well…

    • Thanks Helen- the video is definitely a go-to when I’m feeling blue- a great tool to lift the spirits. Love and hugs to the clan! ❤ 🙂

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